Friday, September 11, 2009

Salting the Wound

Severn House
Available now
ISBN 9780727868299

Charlotte Honeyman jilts her long time swain and on the spur of the moment marries a stranger. Sea captain, Nick Thornton threatens to take revenge. Her vivacious younger sister, Marianne, goes on board Thornton's ship, where she meets with an accident. Nick regards Marianne as the perfect tool with which to get his own back, but in the process he falls in love, and they marry. Scandal erupts when it becomes apparent that Marianne is pregnant, and her sister throws her out. Marianne has no way of proving they are married before news arrives that Nick is shipwrecked, presumed drowned.

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Friday, March 06, 2009

Hearts of Gold

April 1st 2009
Severn House. UK
Cost £18.99
ISBN: 978-0727867612

1890 Western Australia. Sarette Maitland is orphaned when her father dies from a snake bite on the goldfields. She is rescued by wealthy adventurer, John Kern, and takes the place in his heart of his own dead daughter. Several years later he sends her to England, to learn the manners society expects of a beautiful young woman. Sarette finds herself in the care of Magnus, John's heir. When he learns that Sarette has been left a considerable fortune by his uncle, both his honesty and his heart are put to the test.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


By Mary Nichols
Paperback published by Mills and Boon
January 2009
ISBN:978 0 263 86758 9
A plain hoyden he had called her.

Miss Charlotte Cartwright has never forgotten Roland Temple's contemptuous rejection of her hand in marriage. And she's not about to forgive either - even if Roland, the new Earl of Amerleigh, is older, wiser and ten times as handsome!
Roland has returned home from the wars to find much has changed - including his spitfire of a neighbour. He's soon determined to right the wrongs of the past - and this time the hoyden will be his bride!

'The Earl and the Hoyden is a wonderfully written and brilliantly told Regency by a superb writer of historical romances. Charming, witty, smart and inpossible to put down, in The Earl and the Hoyden, Mary Nichols brings together and independent Regency miss and a dashing hero in an unforgettable story.' reviewed by

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Romantic suspense
Severn House UK Ltd £18.99
ISBN 978 0 7278 6704 9
October 1st 2008

The death of Charlie Parker in a car accident exposes a web of deceit and changes the lives of three women. Lauren discovers that her marriage was not all it seemed. Having cared for her difficult mother-in-law, she now finds herself providing for Charlie's teenage daughter, a girl neither of the older women knew about. Kate is expecting a child, the result of an assault on her. The three women rent an isolated cottage in Dorset to escape the media fallout. There they learn to reconcile their differences and rely on each other. Meanwhile, Detective Inspector Theo Ransom is investigating the affairs of Charlie and his partner-in-crime, who has fled abroad. Theo and Lauren are attracted to each other, which complicates matters because it jeopardizes his job. A huge drug deal is involved, and the women are drawn into danger.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008



Pub: Chivers

Large Print hardback

May 2008

ISBN: 978 1 405 64442 6

Married to an inveterate gambler who was prepared to dispose of her life in order to pay his debts, Louise Oakingham had fled - only to find herself torn between a husband she despised and a man she doubted. Was Captain Paul Fourier, home on leave from the Peninsular campaign, her jailer or her saviour? Why, when he insisted that she accompany him to Lisbon, had he then left her alone in a strange city? It was ironic that the safest place for her at that moment was in the middle of a war, and in deciding to go after the Captain, Louise began to understand just why women followed their men into battle...

Thursday, May 15, 2008


The Loveday Secrets is published in hardback by Headline on 1st May 2008

A family as tempestuous as the Lovedays has many dangerous secrets...
When long-lost cousin and ne'er-do-well Tristan Loveday returns to Cornwall, his presence sends shockwaves around the family. Rristan holds the key to more than one secret that could destroy everything the Lovedays hold dear. And he has a deadly score to settle with a member of the family whom he believes betrayed him.

It seems as if everyone has something to hide, even Adam Loveday's wife Senara. Now a respected member of the community, she fears a shadow from her past could bring about her downfall. Unless he overcomes his demons, Adam's twin brother St John risks losing all he owns, and in London cousin Georganna is hiding a scandalous secret.

As tensions rise and lies are uncovered, the cracks begin to show. And before the summer is over, lives will be irrevocably changed for ever...

A magnificient read, bursting with intrigue, tragedy, passion and suspense, The Loveday Secrets is Kate Tremayne's most entralling novel yet.

For more information on the Lovedays and my writing world check out the Loveday blog
click here

For Kate Tremayne's website click here


Thursday, March 27, 2008

FAMILY MATTERS by Sue Moorcroft

A helicopter crash. And one secret after another is spilled.

Diane Jenner’s isolated world is rocked when she discovers her husband has been enjoying a double life. Perhaps Diane’s parents were right to oppose her marriage to Gareth 25 years ago over his impoverished background – it’s money that’s at the root of every one of Gareth’s betrayals.

James North has money but he knows it doesn’t buy him happiness because the lifestyle of his wife, Valerie, the pilot of the helicopter, has caused James problems for years. He’s desperate for her to be more stable for the sake of their fragile daughter, Tamzin.

And Diane’s daughter, Bryony, needs a father to rely on.

Which is more important? Money or family?

FAMILY MATTERS by Sue Moorcroft (Robert Hale ISBN 978-0-7090-8523-2

Sunday, March 02, 2008


All titles in the highly acclaimed Loveday Series have been available in bookshops throughout the nine years of their publication. ADAM LOVEDAY the first in the series has just been reissued by Headline with this fabulous new cover. ISBN 9780755346202.


If you love romance, fesity heroines and swashbuckling, wild-blooded heroes, romance, intense emotional drama and atmospheric historical settings it has been praised as an unputdownable series. with memorable characters that transcend time. Rich in passion and intrigue the series tells of the lives of three sets of cousins. The rivalry between the adventurer Adam and his wastrel elder twin St John to win the love of the seductress Meriel, sister to an unscrupulous and vengeful smuggler, and be the heir of their father's boatyard and estate of Trevowan: the rakehell Japhet who finds redemption in the love of the redoubtable Gwendolyn only to be arrested for highway robbery and transported to Botany Bay. Thomas, the rebel, who strives to rescue his father's failing London bank and still achieve success as a playwright.

The series takes in the vast tapestry of the late eighteenth century: smuggling, sea-battles, the French Revolution, the London theatrical and criminal underworld, privateering on the high sea, highwaymen, dark deeds, incomparable love and emotional intensity and suspence.

The Loveday series is available at all good bookshops or can be ordered p&p free direct from Headline by calling 01235 400 414

Monday, February 25, 2008

Edge of Regret Janet Woods

Publisher: Severn House
ISBN: 9780727866264
March 1st 2008

In Victorian Edinburgh, Kenna Mackenzie is cheated out of her inheritance by her brother-in-law. When she refuses to marry Rory Challenor – the Scottish Laird picked out for her – the stubborn Kenna finds herself on the streets with only the clothes she stands up in. She survives for a while, but as winter sets in she is destitute, and succumbs to an illness that threatens her life.

A widowed English doctor rescues her – but Dominic Sterne considers Kenna to be a street woman, despite his growing feelings towards her. When he leaves to take up a new position in the South of England, Kenna is broken-hearted.

When Kenna returns home, it’s to discover she has no choice but to accept the laird’s proposal. Although the man has a certain charisma, she discovers he has family problems as well as entanglements.

In the meantime, Dominic has realized his mistake and has returned to Edinburgh to look for Kenna . . .

For more information on Janet Woods novels, including jacket art and reviews visit:
Website: http;//

Monday, December 10, 2007



Pub: Chivers

Large Print hardback

December 2007

ISBN: 978 1 405 64230 9

Like many men in his position, Lord Carthorne was more concerned with protecting his property, the lovely manor of Waterlea, in the Fens of East Anglia, than to take sides in the escalating war between Charles I and his Parliament. So he had no hesitation about using the childhood betrothal of his daughter, Alys, to Cromwell's captain, Sir Garret Hartswood, to get out of trouble. This was an enormous shock to Alys, who had forgotten the betrothal, and was a fervent Cavalier to boot! There seemed no escape from Garret's relentless determination to honour the agreement...

Edmund Bertram's Diary
A retelling of Jane Austen's Mansfield Park

Amanda Grange


ISBN: 978 0 7090 8464 8


Edmund Bertram's well ordered life at Mansfield Park is turned upside down by the arrival of the bewitching Miss Crawford. She brings the excitement of the fashionable world to the countryside, quickly captivating him with her beauty and her wit. But she is not all she seems to be, and if Edmund is to find the happiness he deserves he will need the help of all his friends, not least the gentle Fanny Price.

Available to order from Amazon UK by clicking here or from Amazon US by clicking here or from Hale books by clicking here

To read an extract, please visit my website by clicking here

Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Loveday Revenge is published in paperback by Headline on 1st November.

ISBN 978 0 7553 3351 6

It is the eighth book in the highly acclaimed Loveday historical drama series.

Can this be the end for the Lovedays?

Wild blood courses through the Loveday veins, as romance and danger continue to colour their lives.
Blighted by a series of tragedies, the Loveday family is on the edge of ruin. It would seem these cruel events have been instigated by Harry Sawle - an evil and corrupt smuggler who has sworn to destroy them. If the family is to survive, the time has come for brothers Adam and St John Loveday to exact revenge.
Meanwhile their stepbrother, Richard Allbright, returns from the war with France, with sinister consequences. And in Australia vengeance is also on Japhet Loveday's mind. He must triumph over his adversaries or fail to achieve his dream of returning to England with pride and honour...

'A fast-moving and exciting read' Historial Novels Review
'This sweeping saga has the lot: colour, intensity and pace' Northern Echo
'Rich in drama and passion, with the atmosphere and flavour of eighteeth-century Cornwall' North Cornwall Advertiser

Available at all bookshops. Amazon or with free P&P and UK delivery from Headline. Phone 01235 400 414.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Coal Gatherer

Janet Woods
Severn House Ltd
ISBN: 987-0-7278-6546-5
Price: £18.99
Aug 30th 07

This is an engrossing saga set in the North East of Victorian England. As the sixth of Mary Ingram’s surviving children, Calandra - known as Callie - determines from an early age that she will not follow in her beloved mother’s footsteps. Married into a fisherman’s family near Hartlepool, Mary’s life is one of hard work, unrelenting poverty and narrow horizons.

One day, whilst gathering sea coal at the water’s edge, Callie meet Patricia Lazurus and her brother James. Though their backgrounds are very different - the Lazurus children’s great-uncle, with whom they are staying, is a lawyer - a friendship is forged that will last for ever. When Great-Uncle Harold offers Callie the post of companion to Patricia, it is the first step in her journey to a better life...and lasting love.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Murder at the Laurels

Murder at The Laurels

by Lesley Cookman

Accent Press

ISBN 9781905170845

The second in the Libby Sarjeant series. Fran
Castle's aunt dies in a nursing home, and no-one
except Fran thinks it's murder. She enlists Libby's
help, and together they uncover sinister events in the
past which provide a multiplicity of motives.


"With fascinating characters and an intriguing
plot this is a real page turner" - Katie Fforde

"Take it on a plane with you, and annoy
fellow-pasengers by laughing out loud" - Judith Cutler
in Shots Magazine

To find out more, visit Lesley Cookman's website by clicking here

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Past Chances - Bernardine Kennedy

ISBN 978-0-7553-3537-4

Publisher Headline

Hardback May 3rd 2007

Paperback October 18th 2007

In her compelling new novel, Bernardine Kennedy brilliantly conveys how the damage caused in the past can cause one's life to spiral out of control. Eleanor Rivington has always felt like an outsider. Abandoned by her mother and brought up in fear of her father, she's desperate to leave home and live like other girls in London in the seventies. When a barman from work invites her to share a flat with him and two of his friends, it is her chance to break free. But when Eleanor confronts her father the terrible tragedy that follows haunts her forever. And, despite the support of her new friends, Eleanor's life seems destined for further disappointment!

To order from Amazon, click here

Katie Fforde - Going Dutch

ISBN 978-1-846-05089-3

Published by Century

7th June

Two women live together on a Dutch barge and discover new lives and love.

A fairytale-like, gently witty read ... Heart-warming - made for
sunny days in the park

Sunday Times
Delicious ... gorgeous humour and the lightest of touches

To order from Amazon, click here

Amanda Grange - Captain Wentworth's Diary

ISBN-13: 978-0709082811

Publisher: Robert Hale

June 30 2007

Amanda Grange continues her series of much-loved Jane Austen retellings with "Captain Wentworth's Diary". It is 1806, and the Napoleonic wars are ravaging Europe. Frederick Wentworth, a brilliant young man with a flourishing career in the navy, is spending his shore leave in Somerset, where he meets and falls in love with Anne Elliot. The two become engaged, but Anne's godmother persuades Anne to change her mind, leaving Wentworth to go back to sea a bitter and disappointed man. Eight years pass, and peace is declared. Wentworth is no longer a young man with his way to make in the world, but a seasoned captain with a fortune at his disposal. He is ready to marry anyone with a little beauty who pays a few compliments to the navy - or so he says - until he sees Anne. Anne's bloom has faded, yet she has the same sensibilities and superior mind she had eight years earlier, and before he knows it, he is falling in love with her all over again. Can there be a happy outcome for them this time around, or have they lost their chance of love forever?

To order from Amazon, click here

For more information, visit Amanda Grange's website by clicking here

Julie Cohen - All Work and No Play...


Publisher: Harlequin Mills & Boon

June 2007

Workaholic Jane decides to seduce a hot male
model, not knowing he's really her computer geek friend.

Romance Reader at Heart
Lots of fun...A witty book with a deeper meaning buried underneath
the comedy! (Top Pick)

Romance Junkies
A delectably sexy story about overcoming inner demons and finding
out what matters most in life.

To order from Amazon, click here


ISBN: 978-0-7090-8303-0

Publisher: Robert Hale

June 2007

Likening herself to a modern-day Jane Eyre, Catherine Wickham arrives at Whycham Hall, where her aunt is house-keeper. Delighted to spend the Easter vacation helping Aunt Em prepare the hall for its new owner, property developer Roderick Marchant, Catherine is displeased to discover Rod's intentions to alter the Whycham Estate beyond all recognition. Informed that she is a direct descendant of the original owners of Whycham Hall, Catherine resolves to halt Rod's plans for good. Unfortunately, she hasn't bargained on Rod's determined girlfriend Francesca. Forced to spend time in Rod's company, Catherine is left with two choices: leave Whycham le Cley forever or hide her love for Rod as she fights to save her beloved village from property developers.

For more information, visit Danielle's website by clicking here

To order online, click here

Kate Walker - The Sicilian's Red-Hot Revenge

ISBN: 0263853276

Publisher - Harlequin Mills & Boon

1st June 2007

They shared one night of passionate lovemaking.
Then in the cold light of day, her secret tore them apart.

To order from Amazon, click here

Joanna Maitland - BRIDE OF THE SOLWAY

ISBN 978 0 263 19764 8

Publisher: Mills & Boon

June 2007

Kidnapping, adventure and passion on the Scottish Borders.

To order from Amazon, click here

Liz Fielding - Reunited: Marriage in a Million


To the outside world Belle has everything. She also has a secret...

To order from Amazon, click here

Liz Fielding - The Valentine Bride

9780263194609 - Large print


How can she begin again when her whole life has been a lie?

To order from Amazon, click here

Elizabeth Beacon - An Innocent Courtesan

978 0 263 85178 6

Publisher: Harlequin Mills & Boon

1st June 2007

A neglected Regency wife transforms herself into
a courtesan to seduce her errant husband

To order from Amazon, click here

Sue Moorcroft - A Place to Call Home


Publisher: Magna Large Print

17 June 07

Life is a lot easier if you don't lose your job
and get turfed out of your home, then find out
you haven't enough money for another.

Also available in paperback:

To order from Amazon, click here

Monday, April 30, 2007


Published by in hardback by Headline
3rd May 2007

Can this be the end of the Loveday family?
Wild blood courses through the Loveday veins, as romance and danger continue to colour their lives.
Blighted by a series of tragedies, the Loveday family is on the edge of ruin. It would seem these cruel events have been instigated by Harry Sawle – an evil and corrupt smuggler who has sworn to destroy them. If the family is to survive, the time has come for brothers Adam and St John to exact their revenge.
Meanwhile their stepbrother, Richard Allbright, returns from the war with France, with sinister consequences. And in Australia vengeance is also on Japhet Loveday’s mind. He must triumph over his adversaries or fail to achieve his dream of returning to England with pride and honour…

‘A fast-moving and exciting read’ Historical Novels Review

‘This sweeping saga has the lot: colour, intensity and pace’ Northern Echo

‘Rich in drama and passion, with the atmosphere and flavour of eighteenth-century Cornwall’ North Cornwall Advertiser

Read an extract on my website click here

Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Needle in the Blood
by Sarah Bower

Publisher: Snowbooks

Publication date: 1st May 2007

Paperback original RRP £7.99

ISBN: 9781905005390

January 1067. Charismatic Bishop Odo of Bayeux commissions a wall hanging, on a scale never seen before, to celebrate his role in the conquest of Britain by his brother William, Duke of Normandy. What he cannot anticipate is how this will change his life even more than the invasion itself. His life becomes entangled with those of the women who embroider the hanging, especially that of Gytha, once a waiting woman to the mistress of the fallen Saxon king and Odo's sworn enemy. Against either of their intentions, they fall in passionately in love, brining Odo into conflict with his king and his God. Odo's friends mistrust Gytha's hold over him, and his enemies exploit it. Friends and family become enemies, enemies become lovers. Nothing in life or in the hanging is what it seems. 'The Needle in the Blood' is a powerful tale of sex, lies and embroidery in a land devastated by conquest.

'Truly compelling...vivid, intriguing and masterfully portrayed' Susan Fletcher, author of 'Eve Green', winner of the 2004 Whitbread First Novel Award

'The author is brilliant at evoking all the senses, from the stench of blood on the battlefield, the taste of someone’s perfumed skin, the rasp of a needle against the finger.' Sally Zigmond, 'The Historical Novels Review'

'The Bayeux Tapestry will never look the same again.' Patricia Duncker, author of 'Hallucinating Foucault'

About the author:
Sarah Bower works as Literature Development Officer for Norfolk and teaches creative writing at the University of East Anglia. She was UK Editor of the Historical Novels Review for two years and remains a regular contributor. 'The Needle in the Blood' is her first novel.

Find out more about Sarah Bower on her website by clicking here

'The Needle in the Blood' can be purchased from Amazon or all good bookshops.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mr Darcy's Diary by Amanda Grange


Experience the magic of Pride and Prejudice through Mr Darcy's eyes.

"Absolutely fascinating. Amanda Grange seems to have really got under Darcy's skin and retells the story, in diary form, with great feeling and sensitivity." - Historical Novel Society

"A gift to a new generation of Darcy fans and a treat for existing fans as well." - Austenblog

Available from bookshops or from Amazon UK by clicking here and from Amazon US by clicking here

Also available: Mr Knightley's Diary. To order from Amazon UK click here

Captain Wentworth's Diary will be out in June. To pre-order from Amazon UK click here

For more details, visit Amanda Grange's website by clicking here

Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Yorkshire Pudding Club

Milly Johnson

Published by Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 978-1-4165-2590-5

Release date: Mon, March 5th 2007

Paperback, RRP £6.99

Elizabeth, Helen and Janey have been best friends ever since Ms Ramsay forced them to sit together in her Latin class. Now, as the big 4-0 looms, Helen’s baby hunger reaches fever pitch and the others just can ’t refuse her the one favour she has ever asked them. Picnicking on a giant chalk fertility symbol, however, the others realise they may have agreed to a lot more than a favour! There follows a year which turns life upside down for them all when all three Yorkshire women find themselves in the Pudding Club.

For Helen, pregnancy is a dream come true - but the more her baby grows inside her, the more she can see her outwardly perfect marriage crumbling before her eyes.

For career-woman Janey, pregnancy is a nightmare. And just how could it have happened considering that she and husband George were always so careful over contraception?

But it is frightening most of all for fierce, single Elizabeth, who not only doubts she will ever love the child she is carrying, but must also deal with the return of John Silkstone, the gentle giant she pushed away years before, when he got too close…

The Yorkshire Pudding Club is on sale from bookshops, supermarkets and for Amazon - click here

Click here to visit Milly's Blog.

Friday, February 09, 2007

The Gentle Wind's Caress

Anne Whitfield

Robert Hale

ISBN 0709082282


18.99 UK pounds

1876 - On the death of her mother and sister, Isabelle Gibson must fend for herself and her brother in a privately-run workhouse. To escape a life of drudgery and near-rape at the hands of the matron’s son, Neville Peacock, Isabelle agrees to marry Farrell, a moorland farmer she has never met. But Farrell is a drunkard and a bully in constant feud with his landlord, Ethan Harrington. When Farrell bungles a robbery and deserts her, Isabelle and Ethan are thrown together as she struggles to run the farm. Both are married and must hide their growing love. Despite the secrecy, Isabelle draws strength from Ethan and his best friend, Hamish MacGregor, as she faces the return of her long lost father and Neville Peacock. And when Farrell returns to claim his wife, tragedy strikes, changing all their lives forever.

The Gentle Wind's Caress is on sale from bookshops, or can be bought from Amazon by clicking here

Friday, February 02, 2007


Janet Woods

Severn House Ltd

ISBN: 0-7278-6495-5

HardcoverPrice: £18.99
Feb 28th 07

Jilly Turner's wartime childhood in rural Dorset is far from idyllic, but her one consolation through the difficult times is Alec, an evacuee from London with whom she strikes up a deep and abiding friendship. But when Alec is orphaned and sent to Australia, Jilly is left alone with her wayward mother and her depressed father. Struggling to cope with life, Jilly finds herself pregnant and alone at seventeen, and is left with no choice but to give up the beautiful baby boy she loves so much. Does Alec, returning from Australia a successful man, hold the key to Jilly's future happiness? Always friends, even when apart, Jilly knows his love for her can withstand the truth of her shameful past, but will she ever stop grieving for the son she gave away?

Visit Janet’s website by clicking here

BROKEN JOURNEY can be purchased from the publisher or Amazon

Monday, January 15, 2007

Bright Day Dawning

Anna Jacobs

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton Ltd

ISBN: 978-0340840757

Gwynna had fallen from grace once, bearing a stillborn child out of wedlock. Determined to have a respectable future, she finds a position for herself as a nursemaid at Hungerton House.

But just as she begins to find her feet, the secrets of her past are revealed. She is swiftly dismissed but not before she becomes the target of a lascivious groom. And even after she leaves, she is pursued by Hungerton himself, an evil old man who wishes to send her back to the gutters.
She returns home to Hedderby and the family who have befriended her. They have their own problems after an arson attack has destroyed their pub and music hall. Gwynna finds herself attracted to a talented carpenter, who was also once employed by Hungerton. His former employer will stop at nothing, however, to bring him back to the estate.
Will money buy revenge and destroy two lives, or will the young lovers find a way to achieve their dreams?

For more details, visit Anna Jacobs's website by clicking here

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Janet Woods

Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0-7432-9506-4

Hardcover version

January 2nd 07

Framed for a crime he didn’t commit and sentenced to seven years’ transportation, former stable lad Seb Cornish returns to his Dorset home with a fortune in gold, and old scores to settle. Above all, he seeks revenge against the young girl who unwittingly betrayed him all those years before.

Amanda Lapsly is now a beautiful young woman, but impoverished and without protection. Her vulnerability attracts Seb. To obtain the vengeance he seeks, he must win her trust - and her hand in marriage.

But Amanda has already been promised to a man she scorns. Can she survive the harsh justice of a man she thwarted, and learn to love the man she betrayed?

More of Janet’s publications can be found by clicking here and can be purchased from Amazon.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Stormcrow Castle by Amanda Grange

Pub: Robert Hale Ltd


January 31st 2007

A Gothic romance in the tradition of Jane Eyre - perfect to curl up by the fire with on a long winter evening

On visiting Stormcrow Castle, Helena Carlisle is disturbed to find that her aunt, the housekeeper, has disappeared. She takes on the role of the new housekeeper and it is not long before strange incidents begin to unnerve her. The castle's owner Simon, Lord Torkrow, frequents the graveyard at night; the portrait gallery conceals a secret room; identities are hidden at a masked ball; and the key to the attic is missing.

As the secrets unravel, Helena finds herself drawn into a world where nothing is as it seems and she must fight for her chance of love, and to survive.

On sale from any bok shop in the UK, or from Amazon by clicking here
or to borrow from local libraries

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Daughters of the Grail

Elizabeth Chadwick

ISBN 075153899X
Pub;isher: Sphere
Release date 7th December

The Da Vinci Code meets Labyrinth in 13th Century France.

Thirteenth century France. Bridget has grown up mastering the mystical gifts of her ancestor, Mary Magdalene, whose unbroken female lineage has kept a legacy of wisdom alive for a thousand years. But the all-powerful Catholic Church has sworn to destroy Bridget for using her healing talents and supernatural abilities. Bridget's duty to continue the bloodline leads her into the arms of Raoul de Montvallant - a Catholic. But when the Church's savage religious intolerance causes Raoul to turn rebel, a terrible vengeance is exacted by Simon de Montfort, the unstoppable Catholic leader of a crusade against peaceful 'heretics'. As war rages on, it is the children of these passionate souls, Magda and Dominic, who must strive to preserve the ancient knowledge for future generations - and find the love and courage to endure...

To buy from Amazon click here

A Mother's Love

Rosie Harris

ISBN 978-0-434-01615-0
Publisher: Heinemann

RRP: £18.99
Release date: 7-12-06

When the truth lies buried in the past...Finding herself pregnant, Julia Winter is forced to leave home rather than bring shame on her family. Reduced to living in the slums of Liverpool, she eventually finds work in a respectable hotel where Eunice Hawkins, the manager's wife, is also expecting. For a while, Julia dares to hope for a better life for herself and her unborn child. But soon tragedy strikes - Julia's baby is stillborn at the same time as Eunice gives birth to a healthy baby girl, Amanda. Although heartbroken at the death of her own baby, Julia helps to look after Amanda. However, Paul and Eunice Hawkins hide a secret too terrible to reveal and it is only after their untimely deaths and teenage Amanda's sudden disappearance that Julia finds out the truth. And just when she might have a chance of happiness at last, she is faced with the hardest decision of all...

Brown Owl's Guide to Life

Kate Harrison

ISBN: 0752880977

Orion Paperback


Release date: December 14

Fun and nostalgia for ex-brownies everywhere as four former Pixies ask whether growing up means growing out of your dreams...

HEAT, 27 May
"Nostalgic and funny."

IMAGE, June issue
"Funny and touching"

To buy from Amazon click here

The Scarlet Lion

Elizabeth Chadwick

ISBN 0316728314
Publisher: Sphere

RRP: £18.99
Release date: 6th December

Following early beginnings as a knight in the English royal household and a champion of the tourneys, William Marshal's prowess and loyalty have been rewarded by the hand in marriage of Isabelle de Clare, heiress to great estates in England, Normandy and Ireland. Now a powerful magnate, William has weathered the difficult years of King Richard's absence on crusade and is currently serving him on campaign in Normandy while Isabelle governs their estates. All the stability William and Isabelle have enjoyed with their young and growing family comes crashing down as Richard dies and his brother John becomes King. Rebellion is stirring throughout the Angevin domains and although John has created William Earl of Pembroke, the friction between the two men leads William and Isabelle to distance themselves in Ireland. The situation escalates, with John holding their sons as hostages and seizing their English lands. The conflict between remaining loyal and rebelling over injustices committed, threatens to tear apart William and Isabelle's marriage and their family...

To buy from Amazon click here

The Valentine Bride

Liz Fielding

ISBN: 0 273 19287 3

Publisher: Harlequin Mills & Boon (hardback)

Sparks fly when Louise tells Max what she wants in return for working for him

To buy from Amazon click here

The Power of Dreams

Rosie Harris

ISBN 978-0-099-48182-9
Publisher: Arrow
RRP: £5.99
Release date: 7-12-06

When all hope is gone, are dreams enough...? After losing both her parents, sixteen-year-old Merrion Roberts is left to bring up her baby sister. Unable to cope alone, she teams up with Rhonda Rees, a trained milliner, who also has a young baby. They share rooms in notorious Tiger Bay in Cardiff, struggling to make ends meet. In time, though, they are able to open up a little shop and it seems as if life is looking up for both young women. But fate soon intervenes and they are reduced to living in even greater squalor, barely able to eke out enough money to support themselves let alone their two children. Meanwhile, Merrion's brother and her childhood sweetheart have both gone to sea and she has almost given up hope of ever seeing them alive again...

From the Publisher
The dramatic new saga set in Wales from Willaim Heinemann and Arrow's rising star

To buy from Amazon click here

(Picture shows hardback cover)

More Than A Promise

Janet Woods


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£36.94 - Dec 1st

Woods' enchanting story is filled with multidimentional characters and is a poignant glimpse into the class-ordained hardships of Edwardian society.

County Kilkenny, 1900. Erin Maguire is born into poverty, the illegitimate daughter of a local landowner. Her mother is downtrodden and abused by her hard-drinking husband and bullying sons; Erin's only hope for escape from a life of hardship is her beautiful singing voice. When she wins a scholarship to the local school, her musical talent is nurtured by one of the teachers who encourages her dream - to become a singer...

Millionaire Dad: Wife Needed

Natasha Oakley

ISBN: 0-373-19844-2

Publisher: Silhouette Romance

Date: December 2006

Award-winning journalist re-evaluates her life .. and helps a single dad bond with his deaf child.

Blind Date Marriage

Fiona Harper

ISBN: 978-0-263-84941-7
Publisher: Harlequin Mills & Boon
RRP: £2.80

Can this blind date lead to an appointment at the altar?
Serena - loves everything in life, except for blind dates! She's turned
her back on her unconventional upbringing, and her deepest wish is to find
the man to spend the rest of her life with...
Jake - is a highly successful and focused businessman. He's worked hard to
escape his roots, and now lives by one rules: never get married!
A romantic candlelit restaurant, a dozen red roses, champagne on ice...the
scene is set for the perfect blind date!

Winner of the Joan Hessayon New Writers' Award 2006.
The judges said:
"This very contemporary short novel is funny and charming and has real
heart. The hero is an original, with his two distinct personae. You're on
his side right from the cracking first page...there were some fabulous one
liners that turned us green with envy."

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Set against the harsh and gritty background in the Industrial Revolution, this is a story of poverty and star-crossed love, of sexual exploitation and deceit, of greed, murder and revenge. Luther Dearne has made a fortune wheeling and dealing with the wealthy ironmasters of South Riding - and by cheating the Swedish shippers who bring their iron to sell in England. Rich, powerful and apparently above the law, he has everything his heart desires - except children. When one day a woman turns up in the tavern with an orphaned little girl for sale, Luther does not hesitate, he buys her. Little does he know what he has done for this child, Lissie, with her great beauty and mysterious origins, whom his wife hates at first sight, will prove to be both his greatest joy, his deepest heartache and eventually his undoing.

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