Wednesday, January 07, 2009


By Mary Nichols
Paperback published by Mills and Boon
January 2009
ISBN:978 0 263 86758 9
A plain hoyden he had called her.

Miss Charlotte Cartwright has never forgotten Roland Temple's contemptuous rejection of her hand in marriage. And she's not about to forgive either - even if Roland, the new Earl of Amerleigh, is older, wiser and ten times as handsome!
Roland has returned home from the wars to find much has changed - including his spitfire of a neighbour. He's soon determined to right the wrongs of the past - and this time the hoyden will be his bride!

'The Earl and the Hoyden is a wonderfully written and brilliantly told Regency by a superb writer of historical romances. Charming, witty, smart and inpossible to put down, in The Earl and the Hoyden, Mary Nichols brings together and independent Regency miss and a dashing hero in an unforgettable story.' reviewed by