Thursday, May 15, 2008


The Loveday Secrets is published in hardback by Headline on 1st May 2008

A family as tempestuous as the Lovedays has many dangerous secrets...
When long-lost cousin and ne'er-do-well Tristan Loveday returns to Cornwall, his presence sends shockwaves around the family. Rristan holds the key to more than one secret that could destroy everything the Lovedays hold dear. And he has a deadly score to settle with a member of the family whom he believes betrayed him.

It seems as if everyone has something to hide, even Adam Loveday's wife Senara. Now a respected member of the community, she fears a shadow from her past could bring about her downfall. Unless he overcomes his demons, Adam's twin brother St John risks losing all he owns, and in London cousin Georganna is hiding a scandalous secret.

As tensions rise and lies are uncovered, the cracks begin to show. And before the summer is over, lives will be irrevocably changed for ever...

A magnificient read, bursting with intrigue, tragedy, passion and suspense, The Loveday Secrets is Kate Tremayne's most entralling novel yet.

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