Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Romantic suspense
Severn House UK Ltd £18.99
ISBN 978 0 7278 6704 9
October 1st 2008

The death of Charlie Parker in a car accident exposes a web of deceit and changes the lives of three women. Lauren discovers that her marriage was not all it seemed. Having cared for her difficult mother-in-law, she now finds herself providing for Charlie's teenage daughter, a girl neither of the older women knew about. Kate is expecting a child, the result of an assault on her. The three women rent an isolated cottage in Dorset to escape the media fallout. There they learn to reconcile their differences and rely on each other. Meanwhile, Detective Inspector Theo Ransom is investigating the affairs of Charlie and his partner-in-crime, who has fled abroad. Theo and Lauren are attracted to each other, which complicates matters because it jeopardizes his job. A huge drug deal is involved, and the women are drawn into danger.