Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Power of Dreams

Rosie Harris

ISBN 978-0-099-48182-9
Publisher: Arrow
RRP: £5.99
Release date: 7-12-06

When all hope is gone, are dreams enough...? After losing both her parents, sixteen-year-old Merrion Roberts is left to bring up her baby sister. Unable to cope alone, she teams up with Rhonda Rees, a trained milliner, who also has a young baby. They share rooms in notorious Tiger Bay in Cardiff, struggling to make ends meet. In time, though, they are able to open up a little shop and it seems as if life is looking up for both young women. But fate soon intervenes and they are reduced to living in even greater squalor, barely able to eke out enough money to support themselves let alone their two children. Meanwhile, Merrion's brother and her childhood sweetheart have both gone to sea and she has almost given up hope of ever seeing them alive again...

From the Publisher
The dramatic new saga set in Wales from Willaim Heinemann and Arrow's rising star

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More Than A Promise

Janet Woods


ISIS audio

£36.94 - Dec 1st

Woods' enchanting story is filled with multidimentional characters and is a poignant glimpse into the class-ordained hardships of Edwardian society.

County Kilkenny, 1900. Erin Maguire is born into poverty, the illegitimate daughter of a local landowner. Her mother is downtrodden and abused by her hard-drinking husband and bullying sons; Erin's only hope for escape from a life of hardship is her beautiful singing voice. When she wins a scholarship to the local school, her musical talent is nurtured by one of the teachers who encourages her dream - to become a singer...

Millionaire Dad: Wife Needed

Natasha Oakley

ISBN: 0-373-19844-2

Publisher: Silhouette Romance

Date: December 2006

Award-winning journalist re-evaluates her life .. and helps a single dad bond with his deaf child.

Blind Date Marriage

Fiona Harper

ISBN: 978-0-263-84941-7
Publisher: Harlequin Mills & Boon
RRP: £2.80

Can this blind date lead to an appointment at the altar?
Serena - loves everything in life, except for blind dates! She's turned
her back on her unconventional upbringing, and her deepest wish is to find
the man to spend the rest of her life with...
Jake - is a highly successful and focused businessman. He's worked hard to
escape his roots, and now lives by one rules: never get married!
A romantic candlelit restaurant, a dozen red roses, champagne on ice...the
scene is set for the perfect blind date!

Winner of the Joan Hessayon New Writers' Award 2006.
The judges said:
"This very contemporary short novel is funny and charming and has real
heart. The hero is an original, with his two distinct personae. You're on
his side right from the cracking first page...there were some fabulous one
liners that turned us green with envy."

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Set against the harsh and gritty background in the Industrial Revolution, this is a story of poverty and star-crossed love, of sexual exploitation and deceit, of greed, murder and revenge. Luther Dearne has made a fortune wheeling and dealing with the wealthy ironmasters of South Riding - and by cheating the Swedish shippers who bring their iron to sell in England. Rich, powerful and apparently above the law, he has everything his heart desires - except children. When one day a woman turns up in the tavern with an orphaned little girl for sale, Luther does not hesitate, he buys her. Little does he know what he has done for this child, Lissie, with her great beauty and mysterious origins, whom his wife hates at first sight, will prove to be both his greatest joy, his deepest heartache and eventually his undoing.

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