Saturday, September 02, 2006

Spirit Willing, Flesh Weak

Spirit Willing, Flesh Weak

Julie Cohen
Little Black Dress Books
ISBN 0-7553-3481-7
4 September, 2006

Rosie Fox is a liar. A really, really good liar. But when you’re a stage psychic who’s not actually psychic, you have to be.

But then one night, while pretending to commune with the dead relatives and pets of her audience, Rosie makes a startling prediction – which tragically comes true. Suddenly she’s trapped in a media frenzy, spearheaded by the impossibly handsome journalist Harry Blake, a man intent on kick-starting his stalled career by exposing Rosie as a fraud. When his interest in her goes from professional to personal, she thinks she can trust him not to blow her cover – but maybe she’s making a huge mistake.

A hilarious romantic comedy that only goes to show that the course of true love is never, ever predictable.

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