Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Daughters of the Grail

Elizabeth Chadwick

ISBN 075153899X
Pub;isher: Sphere
Release date 7th December

The Da Vinci Code meets Labyrinth in 13th Century France.

Thirteenth century France. Bridget has grown up mastering the mystical gifts of her ancestor, Mary Magdalene, whose unbroken female lineage has kept a legacy of wisdom alive for a thousand years. But the all-powerful Catholic Church has sworn to destroy Bridget for using her healing talents and supernatural abilities. Bridget's duty to continue the bloodline leads her into the arms of Raoul de Montvallant - a Catholic. But when the Church's savage religious intolerance causes Raoul to turn rebel, a terrible vengeance is exacted by Simon de Montfort, the unstoppable Catholic leader of a crusade against peaceful 'heretics'. As war rages on, it is the children of these passionate souls, Magda and Dominic, who must strive to preserve the ancient knowledge for future generations - and find the love and courage to endure...

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A Mother's Love

Rosie Harris

ISBN 978-0-434-01615-0
Publisher: Heinemann

RRP: £18.99
Release date: 7-12-06

When the truth lies buried in the past...Finding herself pregnant, Julia Winter is forced to leave home rather than bring shame on her family. Reduced to living in the slums of Liverpool, she eventually finds work in a respectable hotel where Eunice Hawkins, the manager's wife, is also expecting. For a while, Julia dares to hope for a better life for herself and her unborn child. But soon tragedy strikes - Julia's baby is stillborn at the same time as Eunice gives birth to a healthy baby girl, Amanda. Although heartbroken at the death of her own baby, Julia helps to look after Amanda. However, Paul and Eunice Hawkins hide a secret too terrible to reveal and it is only after their untimely deaths and teenage Amanda's sudden disappearance that Julia finds out the truth. And just when she might have a chance of happiness at last, she is faced with the hardest decision of all...

Brown Owl's Guide to Life

Kate Harrison

ISBN: 0752880977

Orion Paperback


Release date: December 14

Fun and nostalgia for ex-brownies everywhere as four former Pixies ask whether growing up means growing out of your dreams...

HEAT, 27 May
"Nostalgic and funny."

IMAGE, June issue
"Funny and touching"

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The Scarlet Lion

Elizabeth Chadwick

ISBN 0316728314
Publisher: Sphere

RRP: £18.99
Release date: 6th December

Following early beginnings as a knight in the English royal household and a champion of the tourneys, William Marshal's prowess and loyalty have been rewarded by the hand in marriage of Isabelle de Clare, heiress to great estates in England, Normandy and Ireland. Now a powerful magnate, William has weathered the difficult years of King Richard's absence on crusade and is currently serving him on campaign in Normandy while Isabelle governs their estates. All the stability William and Isabelle have enjoyed with their young and growing family comes crashing down as Richard dies and his brother John becomes King. Rebellion is stirring throughout the Angevin domains and although John has created William Earl of Pembroke, the friction between the two men leads William and Isabelle to distance themselves in Ireland. The situation escalates, with John holding their sons as hostages and seizing their English lands. The conflict between remaining loyal and rebelling over injustices committed, threatens to tear apart William and Isabelle's marriage and their family...

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The Valentine Bride

Liz Fielding

ISBN: 0 273 19287 3

Publisher: Harlequin Mills & Boon (hardback)

Sparks fly when Louise tells Max what she wants in return for working for him

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