Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Greatest Knight

Elizabeth Chadwick

Time Warner Books

Published 3rd July 2006
ISBN 07515 3660 1

'I wish I could give it 6 stars, because I'm now questioning every other 5-star review I've ever written.'
Amazon reviewer Kelly Cannon Hess

Royal Protector. Loyal Servant. Forgotten Hero.
The Greatest Knight is the first of two stand alone novels about William Marshal, as great in the 13th century as Winston Churchill was in the 20th and for similar reasons if not on so global a scale. The First ever captain of the England Team (at jousting!). Saviour of England's queen, tutor to her eldest son. The only man ever to unhorse Richard the Lionheart. Courtier, lover, husband, father, politician with tough decisions to make, not least the balancing of honour and integrity against the drive of personal ambition. The Greatest Knight sets out to bring vividly to life this great man and the turbulent world in which he lived.