Thursday, June 22, 2006

Star of the North
Anna Jacobs
Hodder & Stoughton
ISBN 0340840749
June 2006

Marjorie is the pretty one of the Preston sisters. So pretty that when a performer at her sister’s music room breaks her leg, Marjorie is asked to fill in as the assistant to the singer Denby Sinclair.He offers to take her with him, away from Lancashire and into London theatres. It seems as if her dreams will come true, but Denby is not what he seems. He has a dangerous secret, which, if it were to be revealed, would ruin her.

Marjorie, however, is reckless and will take any risk for a chance to work on the stage.And when disaster strikes, she is left alone and away from the North. Can she regain her heart’s desire and find happiness again? When it seems as if she has overcome her troubles, another danger arises in Hedderby, one that threatens her and her family.

Other books in this series are:
Pride of Lancashire (already published)
Bright Day Dawning (not yet published)
Heart of the Town (not yet published)

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